• St.Peter's Parish - saruji

    St.Peter's Parish, Saruji is located 12km outside Tanga city and services 9 outstatitons in a 25km radius. St.Peter's is one

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  • St. Joseph's Parish, Mombo


    St. Joseph'sParish is located 147km from Tanga, Mombo is strategically located at the foot of the Usambara Mountains and

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  • Misufini Leprosy Centre


    Misufini Leprosy Centre is located about forty kilometres from Tanga city and thirty kilometres from Muheza town

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Welcome to Rosminians East Africa

We welcome and invite you to our website. The creation of this website is born out of our gratitude to people, men and women who dedicated and are dedicating their lives, time, and resources to build our Province.  We wish to thank each person who has supported our ministry in East Africa. We thank our readers for taking time to visit us in this website. With every best wishes Fr. Firmati Tarimo, IC   Provincial 

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Choir Singers

Choir singers at Kange Outstation on 26 March 2016 during the Easter Mass

sound byJbgmusic

Choir Singers and Children of Jesus

They Wishing you Happy Easter

Celebration During the Easter Mass