Misufini Leprosy Centre

Misufini Leprosy Centre is located about forty kilometres from Tanga city and thirty kilometres from Muheza town. It was estabkished during the colonial period in 1943. Initially it was a place for sisal estate workers, but due the failure of sisal production in 1984 the gornment reclaimed this camp and used it as a centre for people affected by leprosy. Today, Misufini has become one of the biggest Leprosy Care Centre in the Tange region (50+ inhabitants). The centre itself is located in Ngomeni Village, Muheza district. It is still owned by the Social Servces Depertment of the Government and comprises 400 acres.

Rosminian Involvement

The Rosminians become become awre of the appaling conditions in which the people were expected to live and decided to get involved in the provision of new housing for the people, new toilets and the provision of water. Today our activity at the centre includes suport services for the people such as bringing patients to hospital and providing food and medicines. It is our wish to make the lives if the inhabitants of the centre as comfortable as possible and to help educate the childen in the inhabitants of the centre.

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