In entering the Novitiate the candidates begins the Rosminan religius life. Like Antonio Rosmini he is spiritually called into the desert 'where God will speak tendalyto his heart'. Here is the place where God will lead the novice to come to a profound knowledge of self and a profound knowledge of the Institute.

In 1984, our fisrt group of novice went to the Novitiate in Maramba. In 1985, the Novitiate the move to Gare, which then in 1993 moved to Lushoto. The novitiate remans in Lushoto today. The Novitiate is located just over 2km outside the town of Lushoto, nestled in the soronding forest. The novices usually spend two years in the noviate, learning in depth about Antonio Rosmini and the Rosminian way of life. 

In the Noviate there many activities coducted, some of which are; agricultural activities and livestock activities as shown in the picture bellow;


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