Postulancy - Gare

The Postulancy is the period of formation which precedes admission to the Noviciate. During this period there takes a mutual discernment between the Postulant and the Instute. The Postulant begins to discover, with our help, what it means to conform oneself to Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit of Fr. Founder. On our part we try to asseshis psychological maturity and the depth of his faith as well as to understand whether God is truly calling him to the institute.

In 1978, the Rosminians opened our first postulancy in Gare, subsequently the postulancy then moved to Maramba and there after moved back to Gare. The postulancy remain in gare today, located beside the parish of Gare, which is ran by the Rosminians. The postulants study in Gare for one year, in the quet and peaceful atmosphere of Gare, a condusive atmosphere for spiritual and deep reflection required of this year.

The postulants are involved in different activities such as agricultural activities and livestok activities as shown bellow.

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