Rosmini High School

Rosmini High School, located just outside the sity of Tanga, has been under he management of the Rosminian Fathers for over ten years. When the Rosminans undertook the management in 2000 the school was kn bad shape with very poor attendace and results. The school offers up to Form VI (A-Level) education and is a co-educational school with hostel facilities for all students. Over the years Rosmini High has come on in leaps and bounds, today raking is one of the top ten secondary schools in the counrty.


Our Mission isto provide a holistic study programe for each pupil based on National Curriculum guidlines designed to offer a wide choice for all students through which they will fulfill their accaddemic potential, anabling them to pursue their chosen goal in higher education, appropriate training or career choice.

There are over 350 students attending Rosmini.Most of the students come from Tanga Region however some travel as far from Dar es salaam or Mwanza. The school has gained an outstanding reputation over the years, not only for the academic results it has achieved but for the overall atmosphere fo the school and happines of the students.

We try at Rosmini to help the students execel to their own individual potential in all areas, our education is based on the Rosmin ethos of holistic education. The activities that we offer at the school range from traditional dance and drama,netball, soccer, basketball, chor, social awareness and many more.

Our aim for the foture is to continue offer quality education and to maintain and constantly emprove the service we offer to the young people of Tanzania. At present there are not enough school providing this oppunity and the country depends on educated population for development. As Rosminians, we strongly believe that education is indeed the key to the development and it plays a very significant role in alleviating poverty nd raising the standard of living for people throughout the word.


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