Rosmini House, Mwambani

Rosmin House is located within the Mwambani Bay, Tanga Municipality. The property is situated on the Indian Ocean approximately 2km from the Tanga-Pangani Road and about 8 km from the town centre.

The Rosminian acquired this house in 1976 in order to have a base for all Rosminian mambers and friends and to act as a head ofice for the administration of the work of the Rosminians in East Africa.

The house not only act as a support to the members of the Institute and friends but we also invete the wider community to share in the beauty of this wonderful location. There are 16 rooms at the house which provide accomodation for mambers and visitors, retreats and group meetings, a newly renovated chapel for prayer or reflection and a small conference room for those holdingretreats or meetings.


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