Rosminian Health Centre, Kwalukonge

Rosminian Health Centre is located in the are of Kwalukonge in the district of Korogwe, which is in the Tanga region of Tanzania. It is approximately 28 km inland form Mombo, the nearest town. The target area of the health centre consist of eight remote village with apopulation of approximately 20,000 people, ho earn their livelihood from subsistance farming, many of them are Massai. The socio-ecconomic situation of the inhabitants of this area is one of the lowest of the region. Many people earn less than 1$ a day and prior to rosminian intervation had no access to quality health care.

The Rosminians were asked in 2003 by local leaders and government to provide a health service for the people of the area. On the 17th July 2008, the Rosminan Health Centre officially opened as a registered health centre. The centre has capcity for laboratory testing and a maximum inpatient bed capacity of more than 40. The cente also has RHC unit(Child and Mother Health), a minor thietreand HIV testing, PM. TC. T. (Prevention of Mother to child transmission) and VTC (Counceling Facilities). The centre continues to grow in activity, and patients are coming by foot/bicyle from distances as far as 25km.

Our main objective of this project is to provide a quality health service at the lowest cost for the people of the area with a special focus on malaria prevention, health education and care for children and pregnant mothers. The people of these rural areas often suffer unnecessary duev to lack of education, income and avilability of services. Rosminan Health Centre aims to reach out to and support those who are marginalized in this remote area.

Our Mission

"Rosminian Health Centre aims to provide a holistic approach to health issues, by making available a health service of optimum quality at the lowest price, offering support and creating an awareness of the importance of good health"


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