St. Patrick's Technical School

St. Patrick's Technical School is a long established training school ran by the rosminian Fathers in Lushoto. It was founded ove 27 years ago in 1988 by the Rosminians with a view to give the youth of Lushoto an oppotunity through education to break out of a cycle of pooverty. Trough the years it has helped many young people to gain a recognised qualification in motor mechanics,  the VETA certificate in Motor Vehicles Mechanics. As of 2010 St. Patrick's also offers VETA courses in tailoring and carpentry and Computer courses. Along with our driving school we are a four faculty training college.

When the project began, in 1988,the target group were the youth of Lushoto who could not afford or access secondary education; due to lack of places in schools lack of schools, no oney to pay fees or failing examinations. Since then the government has improved its provision of secondary education but for the same reasons not all of the youth have an oppotunity to study at a secondary level.

 The majority of students of St. Patrick's originate from Lushoto district. All have completed standard 7 education (primary school) and some have completed up to form 4 of secodary education.

St. Patrick's Technical School- Mission Statement

"St. Patrick's Technical School aims to provide quality training in trades through a supportive and encouraging learning environment and so equip our trainees with the confidence and skills to pursue their chosen career path"

Over the years, over 200 students have passed trough our training with approximantly 80% of them receiving formal employment post their time at St.Patricks. 


       St. Patrick's Technical School- Mission Statement

The vision of St. Patrick's is that every student, not dependant on sex,financial status,creed or any otherdiscriminatory factor is accomodated as much as possible to avail of the oppotunity to gain a nationally recognised certificate of trade and continue in the employment market as a skilled, confident and redponsible person.






"St. Patrick's Technical Training School - the centre of exellence for trades training"

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