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Who are Rosminians?


We are international religious congregation founded by an Italian priest, Antonio Rosmini Seebati (1797-1855) in 1828. Because of this we are normally called Rosminians.

Where are we and what are our Ministers?


Rosminians presently work in Italy, England, Ireland, Wales, USA, Tanzania, Kenya, New Zealand, Venezuela and India, In this countries we seek to serve god and our fellow human beings by spreadung the Gospel in the missions, by running parishes and schools where we also teach, by caring for he blind, the mentally handcapped and the underprivileged children..

Requirements for Joining


The main requirement for becoming a Rosminian is the desire to grow in Christ and to serve Him in whatever way he wills,  whether as a brother or a priest, in the place and the type of work we are asked to undertake. Becausewe are religious our main is not to train brothers or priests(not to train workers), but to as religious.



We take people who have finished high school and have obtained at least the minimum pass that allows one to enter University in their country.

Required Documents


Your baptismal certificate, your berth certificate, your recent passportphoto(two copies) and a full size photo, your parish priest's name and address, your form four and six result and leaving certificate (copies only).


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